How to apply a first person animation to the beginning of a game?

Not really sure if this goes 100% in the scripting category but…

How would I be able to make a opening animation?
For example, the very first part of the game opens up with the player (you) waking up from a crash. The screen at first would be blurry and you would be on the ground. After regaining consciousness you would get up soon after. This all will be in first person. So, how would I be able to apply this in the beginning of the game?

I know that I have to make the animation in Moon Animator or something else, but how would I apply my animation in a certain amount of time, in first person, and with the blur?

(Sorry if this seems complicated)

I have looked for solutions on DevForum and YouTube already. I have a good understanding of how to animate in Moon Animator and export it to Roblox.

Any help is appreciated! :grinning:


Well, you can set the camera to LockFirstPerson. You can add the blur object in the lighting section to achieve a blur affect.

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Make a cutscene dummy in workspace and position it where you want the cutscene to play. Set the player’s camera to the cutscene dummy’s head and play the animation that you want. Then, when the animation is done TP the player into the map where the cutscene dummy is and finally remove the cutscene dummy.

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You Will Need A Very Advanced System No Way Could I Whip Up The Script Myself Right Now But I Can Give You A Few Starting Points:

Locking First Person Will Not Get You Very Far What You Need Instead Is To Have A Part That Is Animated In Some Fashion To Act As The Players Head Then Use A Script To Set The Players Camera To Be Stationary And Set To The Makeshift Head Part.

To Do Blur You Need To Use The Bloom Effect In Lighting And Control That Through Script As Well.

Another Script To Control Any SFX Unless You Want Them To All Be The Same Which Works Too.

Then A Script To Reset Player Cam And Remove Bloom etc.

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