How to apply a force to an object?

So I tried to look into making an ragdoll where the ragdoll would have some sort of force acting on it, rather than it just falling due to gravity, when I attempted to do solve this, I tried to set the Velocity of the Humanoid Root Part to some vector 3 but it had no effect.

Is there some other method I should be doing to accomplish a force on an object?

You can do:


if the part doesn’t move, just up the force. Humanoids are quite obese.


You should look into VectorForces. These apply a constant force to an attachment (and all limbs of player characters have some). They apply a steady force to whatever it’s applied to, and takes zero scripting if you leave it static.

A thing to note about humanoids, they don’t like leaving the ground. Even with a force large enough to take their mass off the ground, they’ll stick to it. They will come off if you use enough force though (about 15,000-20,000).

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