How to approach a movement system?

I want to script a movement system for my game that uses stamina. I dont want the movement system to be too complicated and just want it to support basic functions like sprinting, climbing, wall jumping, and smooth acceleration

I think i could use an int value as stamina, but how would I approach moving the character? How could I get the character to move smoother? Should I override roblox’s default movement?

I may also want to add IK animations to it, how would I do that?

What im trying to recreate:

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For the smooth shift lock try this:

For the directional leaning use user input service then play an animation until the player lets go of the key using input ended.

For dynamic footsteps use raycasting to get the surface your on and play a sound accordingly for the footsteps use animation events to track which foot the animation is on. (This might not work; I’m new to dynamic footsteps)

For landing use humanoid:get state and check if it’s falling. Then use raycasting to get the distance between the character and the floor, if it’s 0.1 studs away then play the landing animation. (This might no be the most optimal way though. Also the 0.1 is so the script has time to play and load the animation.)

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