How to artificially rate the art value of a painting?

I would like to make a rating system for rating art. In this case, each artwork is represented as a painting (two-dimensional array of colored pixels). The system should be able to:

  • Be somewhat intelligent
  • Like different artstyles

The issue is that I do not really know what kind of techniques to use. Also, I cannot concretely describe what I mean by “The system should be able to be somewhat intelligent”. What I am trying to say is, it should not feel stupid. For example, judging a painting by how many different colors it has would feel quite dumb.

So far, I have not found a technique or a set of techniques that I like for rating art.

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I am considering to maybe use Roblox NN Library for training a machine learning model to value paintings.

What if I can rebuild what happens in the video for say, iconic paintings? If it can recognize and understand art that is valued by society (Mona Lisa, et cetera) then it might also be able to value paintings that share the same or comparable features.

You probably won’t ever find a good system for rating art.
Each human rates art in their own way, using different parameters.

At least on a ‘simple’ level I don’t belive AI could rate art unless you get it to compare every piece of art on the planet as well as a global average of what each person thinks of the piece.

It does not have to be pitch perfect. Just a glimpse of understanding in art would work.