How to attach spiral particle to player

hello, ive made a cool spinny particle
and i want to attatch it to the player, so it spins around. when i use a script to attach it it just makes the player anchored, but the spinny particle isn’t anchored, an it uses a hinge constraint

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Whats the reason you need to use hinge constraint?

Are you attaching a part with particles to the player, or are you inserting the particleEmitter into the player?

The “part” has a hingeconstraint and an arm, it spins. And i weld the part to the player and i just freeze.

cause i want it to spin, and i dont know of any other method to do so.

Have you tried playing around with the part’s properties?

oh, one of the parts inside were anchored and that was the issue, thanks i suppose for reminding me

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Just make it a accessory and unanchor the particle emitting part

Use a “Weld” instance or a “WeldConstraint” instance and attach it to the torso or “HumanoidRootPart” of the player.