How to attach the created clothing/armor to the deforming mesh

I am an absolute beginner in scripting and character creation.
I wanted to create my own custom starter character and a question appeared.

Is there a way to create clothes or armor so that it follows the deformation of the mesh during animation.

On the forum, I saw what was written about weight painting clothes in blender and subsequent import together with rig.
Is there a way to do it differently?
I just want to give up and use regular blocky characters like in most games

But if I have a lot of clothes and the player has the opportunity to change them, then what should I do with this?

Here is an example that shows how the arm is deformed and I want to make a lot of different clothes that will repeat the deformation of the arm


After playing some games with similar mechanics (voxlblade, dungeon quest) I saw that in most cases a blocky one is used as a character in which the body parts do not twist, but move only in three directions
P.s. If there are errors in the text, then I’m sorry, I use a translator

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I think layered clothing may be your only option, but I’ve never used them before.