How to avoid compression in face accessories?

I’ve been trying to make some custom face accessories for UGC but they always come out compressed/lower quality when equipping them to a humanoid for testing/uploading.


(Not my face btw was just testing other people’s faces to see if it was a problem exclusive to me)

The left side is still a mesh part while the right is an accessory put into a humanoid! Is this just a visual bug and if I upload the accessory, will it come out as the quality seen in the left humanoid? Or am I doing something wrong that is causing this to occur?

Also, not sure if this matters but, this is happening on both R15 and R6 humanoids.

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This might just be a thing Roblox does to prevent devices from using up too much resources, though I could be wrong.

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Alright! I did notice that the faces were of the quality on the left in the marketplace so I was just a bit confused. Thank you for the response though :smiley: