How to avoid deformation of UVs?

I’m using the PT-ST4 package’s arm mesh to play around with UVs. I applied a flat texture to the mesh to see what would happen, and the result is pretty stretched:


UV map (left, lower mesh; right, inner shoulder):

Is there any way I can either rework the triangles of the mesh or change the UV so that there is minimal deformation of the texture?

The polygon sizes must be proportional to each other, so when one is small, it should be small on the UV too. For example, on the inner shoulder, the outer polys are quite big compared to their size on the actual mesh. And so, polygons will try to fit a large portion of the texture within a small area, which causes texture squeezing. And vice versa, small UV polygons will stretch the texture if a 3D polygon is big.

I can imagine a function or an addon that would make the mesh-UV proportions equal, although I didn’t look for such.

I hope I helped a bit :slight_smile:

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I believe I’ve seen a blender plugin posted that wraps an image around the UV to be proportional, having something like that would definetly make this a lot easier for you!