How to balance a part using bodythrust?

So i was on a track to learn how to apply bodythrust into raycasting suspension. For the entire day, i’ve been trying to make the part balance by applying force in four corners of the part using bodythrust but it seems to run crazily and fall out of the map when i try to do it.
Note:i think i should just use four parts in four corners of the main one and apply force into these parts but for now, i want to do what i just mentioned.
Here is the code:
local partposition = script.Parent.Position

local firstposition = partposition - script.Parent.Size/2

local firstcorner = script.Parent.firstcorner

firstcorner.Location = firstposition

local secondcorner = script.Parent.secondcorner

local secondposition = partposition -,script.Parent.Size.Y/2,script.Parent.Size.Z/2)

secondcorner.Location = secondposition

local thirdposition = partposition -,script.Parent.Size.Y/2,-script.Parent.Size.Z/2)

local thirdcorner = script.Parent.thirdcorner

thirdcorner.Location = thirdposition

local fourthcorner = script.Parent.fourthcorner

local fourthposition = partposition -,script.Parent.Size.Y/2,-script.Parent.Size.Z/2)

fourthcorner.Location = fourthposition
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