How to ban pedophiles from my game?

I feel like the best way is to just have moderators/admins monitoring the chat from discord or something. Then add a ban command if they feel like that person is a pedophile.

I dont think i should do that. Since a robot is better at it than human. I think roblox should add a value like player.IsPedo. Good idea right?

Machine learning has many flaws, and Roblox obviously isn’t going to add that property. Using humans is the best way to find these kinds of people.

Another alternative is to get a dictionary of sketchy words and detect every chat message sent. If the chat message has a word similar to a sketchy word, flag it and send it on discord to moderate.

Guys I came up with an idea. I can continue to do script.parent until I get the computer. Go onto their discord, read messages, detect if pedo then banned! Good idea right?

Sir, we haven’t reached that level of technology yet

Idk if you are being serious right now but, the only possible way to ban pedos is by having moderators, take action in your game and discord server

If it hasn’t reached it then I will do it instead!!! I need a way to detect

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I can’t tell if this thread is a joke or not.