How to ban pedophiles from my game?

Hello, so i’m wondering how I can ban pedos from my game since i dont want bad people to play my game. Is there a value or something I can use to detect this?

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I don’t quite think there’s a way of detecting anything like that.

Being able to detect it is basically a whole system. You could try screening chat messages for suspicious chats, but context is everything, so it could do false flags unless you do very obvious messages (that’ll probably get filtered by Roblox anyway). There’s no one good/easy solution to this.

Maybe httpservice? I really need to know plz

Ah ok how do i get the context tho?

If we were able to simply get the context, we wouldn’t have this problem in the first place since Roblox’s chat filtering would pick it up. You’d probably have to do a whole bunch of machine learning or something, and even then, it can easily falsely flag someone (or miss flagging someone).

Ok thx for ur help. I’ll just moderate the chat 24/7 so i can get the context and ban them

Sorry, but there is no “value” to detect something like this.

Well how do i code one? Maybe discord api to see their messages

It’s not really possible to do this.

Plz show evidence its not possible plz

You could check for if they say words in a specific pattern, such as SPOILER HERE FOR REASONS daddy, big, girl, disgoard etc. And don’t check if they say ONE word. If they say all of them only then ban them. Only click the spoiler if you are 18+

Ok nice idea bro!!!

This is obviously not possible. There is no way possible for anything to precisely detect the inner thoughts of a human being, therefore making this impossible.

my guy you asked how to detect pedos, I told you a way.

I literally said that i liked your idea wdym?

What if their in a vr headset? Can i detect their thoughts then?

Are you actually being serious right now?

I would advise you to read about machines and software in general, as you don’t seem to understand the limitations that they have. Obviously, a VR headset cannot perform the following task.

Would connecting a magnetic field to the head, can I get their thoughts?

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