How to ban some admin commands in HD commands?

How to ban some admin commands in HD commands?
For example I do not like some admin command in HD admin commands. For instance hideGuis.

So how do I exclude and prohibit it, so players cannot use it?


If HD commands is open-sourced, which i think is, you can remove them yourselves. If you just want to remove them without editing any source code, i think you cannot.

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I think it is like a module, so you cannot change it directly from the game, but anyways thank you. I realized that VIP admin commands can only be used on the player who types in the command.

No problem! :wink:
I hope I was helpful.

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I think you are able to remove the command in the model script.

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You are able to “remove” commands. You just change them to Owner only.

At the very bottom of the script you will see this place to write code. Code should be written like it is shown there.

[“jump”] = “Owner”