How to: Bevel a Curve?

Hi, I’m currently away so can’t provide visual examples.

But I’m looking for a way to Bevel curves (CSG); I’ve tried a few attempts that have been unsuccessful.

The type of Bevel I’m using is the Wedge, to give the part a chiseled look - However as I said, none of my methods are working.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can achieve this and keep the smooth - chisel effect as it goes?

Thank you!


Try to use bevel plugin. Might work


Already using one, but it doesn’t account for the angle

Could u use cylinders for smoothness or use blender.

Could you provide screenshots, please?

The best method would be using Blender. But if you don’t want to use that, try Archimedes Two plugin: Archimedes (v3.1.9) - Roblox