How to blacklist audios?

I have added a boombox and about every server I play on, there are a bunch of bad audios, is they a way to blacklist them?


Well you’re going to need the ID’s of those audios. You can then add them to a table and check if the input was one of those audios to not allow them.

local blacklist = {

-- just some numbers I made up

Then you can use table.find to determine if the audio ID is in the blacklist

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so all I have to do is past the audios on the script you sent me?

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Hey, so you need to run a for loop that essentially checks if the values are equal to the list given.

This is a problem that can’t be solved. Let me explain.

Lots of bad audio is created daily, from screamers, to bypasses and to just annoying audio, whatever the case is for you, it’s being made constantly.

You can’t blacklist an audio based on what it sounds like you can only do it by blacklisting the ID. If you’re game is going to get bigger you won’t be able to have every bad/annoying/bypass audio on a single list.

But that’s not what you’re looking for. So anyways, create a table with the IDs that you wan’t blacklisted. Such as how @sjr04 did it.

Do a simple check if the IDs match and if they don’t make the audio play.

Or maybe a whitelist which only allows certain audios to be played. Much cleaner and shorter than a huge blacklist.

Maybe a whitelist that only allows audios created by certain people can be played. Examples of people with clean audios are Roblox, Ultronlize, and maybe a few of their close friends.

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