How to bring a model to you ( roblox studio )


Lets say there’s a part or model 100000 studs away, now, I know how to go to that quickly by pressing " F ", what bout bringing the model to you? Instead of using the move tool ( with the arrows ).

In other words:
Instead of going to the models position, you bring that model to your position, really quickly.


Im pretty sure you can use something like PathFindingService() for this.

We cant bring the model to the camera?, like how we go to a model to a model by pressing F, just reversed, I’m looking for a short cut

So you want the model to come to the character, correct?

No not while playing the game, when editing

Ohh, so thats what you mean. I think roblox studio has a snap to model or something like that. I’ll look really quickly.

Does this mean, taking you to the model or bringing the model to you?

I think this term can apply for both.

Select the model in explorer, open the properties tab and manually change its position to where you are.

Where do I find my current position?

Just use the baseplate’s position or put a part in the place you want to bring the other model to.

I guess this is the work around, I wish there was a short cut for this :frowning:
Thank you though

No problem. Be sure to mark it as a solution if it helped.

Damn, I really wish Roblox had a feature for this. :sob:

Thanks @SkyStoleMyCookies. :slight_smile:

I looked through the settings, there is not way currently for doing this.

The easiest way to do this is to Ctrl + X (cut) on the object, select another object close to you, and Ctrl + V (paste). This works for all object types, including Parts, Models, and other objects:

Could Studio benefit from a tool that lets this happen more cleanly? Probably. Is what I’m suggesting a workaround that’s so easy to do that it makes a tool more-so redundant? Also probably :stuck_out_tongue:


Put this in the command bar:

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