How to build city maps that aren't "repetitive?"

Hello! I’m VincentJSyndicate, otherwise known as SourcedInfinity, Inventize, Xuanital, and a bunch of other names. You may have seen me around the forums before as a UI designer and/or builder, along with being a contributor to some threads.

Here’s the thing.

I’m making a county game similar to other ro-state games. However, I’m having trouble with the map.

When I speak to my testers and show them images of my map, they all call it “bland” and “repetitive.”

I don’t have any filler buildings made yet other than the few already placed down, but here’s my current image.

How do I spice this up? I want to make a fun city map that introduces a lot of cool gameplay aspects, both realistic and comical.

On another note, how do you guys get inspiration for city builds & filler buildings?


For those who are curious, my game is open 24/7. Locate it here.

Other information:

The county game is a game with different regions / cities based in Northern California. Those are called the following;

Livermore (pictured above, urban setting.)
San Fargo (the capitol, a larger urban setting.)
Woodport (rural / suburban mix setting, smaller but comfy town-ish vibe.)
Unnamed City (mainly suburban area)

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I don’t think your buildings are repetitive but maybe the trees are. Maybe work something with the lighting to make it look more lively. Add some bridges, roundabouts and make the road layouts more unique.

This tutorial might help;


I really like the size of the map. Perfect for a Roblox game. Building cities can be hard work, which I know from experience. I think we have all seen games like Mad City and Jailbreak, which are fun games, but have dull filler buildings. I would place the important stuff first, and then the filler buildings.

For example, if the player interacts or uses a building in any way, make those first. It will come along naturally one you get into it. Making little easter eggs and secret locations can hype up the map a little bit and make it more interesting to build. Remember to make sure you have fun and put in effort. If this isn’t rushed I’m sure you could be the owner of a very popular game.

Best of luck!

I found the bit that I circled very repetitive,

Maybe you could take out some of the roads to make it less repetitive. Also, I think that this building:
should have lighting beneath it like this one:

Good luck with the rest!


When you start building more of the building I’d recommend not copying and pasting/re colouring buildings. This will help to make it look less repetitive.

Good luck on your game!

In the beginning process of constructing a city, it will look bland. I’d continue on finishing the other roads for the different regions. For this part, I create a blueprint from my notebook to outline how the road may look. Inspiration for building cities comes from games that have accomplished this and example of images on websites. After this part, just add different buildings (interactive/non-interactive), sites, and trees. Each region should be of its own environment or of similar.

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For roads, add in some alleys and four lane roads (One that is more to look as a highway, rather than one separated with trees).

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Uniform trees are a big no-no. Add variation such as color, size and leaf placement. Make the blocks bigger. Remember, city blocks are usually longer than town blocks. Add alleyways off of some of the roads. Don’t forget to randomly scatter around details such as benches, trees, dumpsters, etc.