How to build conveyor without BasePart.Velocity which is deprecated?

The current conveyor in my game is using BasePart.Velocity and because this property is deprecated I’ve searched for a better solution by checking coveyor models from toolbox but all used velocity, tried experimenting with other body movers but results weren’t good. What should I do?

you use AssemblyLinearVelocity

find out more here

and this article has been updated to use the new AssemblyLinearVelocity


Some clarification:

In Roblox, a conveyor is a part that has non-zero velocity, but does not move.
Objects on top of the conveyor will move as if the conveyor were moving at the velocity it claims to be moving at. However, the conveyor belt does not, in fact, move, so the objects will eventually reach the conveyor’s edge.

The opposite of a conveyor is a part that’s being tweened, but has no velocity.
It will slide out from under anything that’s in contact with it.

Therefore, you cannot make a traditional conveyor with body movers/movement constraints, because they need to actually move the conveyor, it must be unanchored.

AssemblyLinearVelocity is the same as Velocity, except it pertains to the entire “assembly” that the part is attached to.
An assembly is a group of rigidly connected parts.
Let’s say you have two unanchored parts welded together.
If you set the Velocity of one of them, then it will make the whole assembly deflect a little because that part gained some force, but the other didn’t.
If you set the AssemblyLinearVelocity of either of them, then they will both move in the same direction (and gain the same Velocity).
This distinction is irrelevant when the parts are anchored.