How to build games for mobile

Hey, developers!

I am a mobile player specialist. I test mobile client on Roblox games made by YOU! Here are ways to build for mobile.

  1. Encourage people to turn down graphics quality.

Mobile client can sometimes crash. This is shown on games with high part count. So, encouraging your players to turn down graphics quality can really help boost performance.

  1. Make sure to use low part count.

Part count can cause lag. Especially on mobile. Try to reduce this for mobile players so they can get the most fun out of your game.

  1. Scripting mobile controls.

Mobile doesn’t have as much functions as desktops. Eg, you can’t drop tools or drop hats. Try making buttons for these functions in your game, kind of like @zKevin’s Robot 64. By the way, it is a great game, congrats Kevin for hitting nearly 20M visits! Now, back to the topic. You can position this button where you like, for example, if I was making a nitrous button for my game, I might want to put it the opposite side of the accelerate button, so it can easily be reached by humans.

  1. Sizing buttons.

Sizing buttons is a real essential of mobile gaming. Eg, if I was using an iPhone 4 and the button was large, it may fill the screen. Make sure to size it, accordingly to the screen of the device. No one likes an oversized button!

  1. Resize GUIs accordingly.

GUIs might be unusable on mobile if they are not large or small enough. Adjust the GUI accordingly so the user can interact with it.

Thank you for reading.

Happy developing, all!


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