How to build keybinds into rbx studio

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    So I want to create some keybinds for my in edit scripts. When I say keybinds I don’t mean a client game:GetService(“UserInputService”). I mean in editing of a script. Like for example if I’m writing something and I’m writing “if true then” And I press enter. Roblox Studio drops 2 lines, an indent and writes “end” under my current line. I love that feature and would love even more to design my own.

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    I don’t know where to even begin. Does roblox have a built in feature for this? Ive never made a plugin and barely understand how to use the ones I have installed. Im not sure if this can even be achieved without a 3rd party program.

For example, if I want to make a function where I hold [shift ]and press [q]. It automatically drops 3 lines, writes “function hi()” on the first line, an indent on the second, and “end” on the third line. I know it would be faster just to type it out myself but I plan to make much more advanced ones that save me a lot of time. Kind of like vim…

Is this what you could be looking for?

It might be, but can I add my own new set of keybinds?

:thinking: Maybe this resource can help you?

Can modules or anything players can make get direct access to variables in a script live as you make them? Because i want a bot that can scan an entire script and identify if certain pieces of text.

Sorry if I’m not making any sense

Edit: and edit it with me as it looks at certain keybinds pressed

Roblox doesn’t have any API that allows scripts to see how a player is interacting with a script. The only thing close to that is a script’s Source property that can only be accessed by the command bar and plugins.

But i got this plugin called Gui to lua and composes a lua script out of thin air. Is there any documentation that i could use to build one of those? Ive tried looking on youtube but the ones that talk about plugins dont make any sense :frowning:

You can use GetPropertyChangedSignal(“Source”) to detect changes in scripts, but I don’t think you can create custom keybinds in the script editor if that’s what your referring to

Plugins can create and modify scripts (Tutorial). Though, they can’t see what you’re doing inside a script.

The Plugin you’re talking about most likely gets the Gui’s properties and converts it to a table then creates a new script and sets the table as it’s source.

So should i install a lua console and add my own keybinds dawg style. Then when I have a script I’m confident in, I’ll copy and paste it into my studio? Lol

You could try that if that works for you.

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Oh i have a quick question, how do i pitch ideas to the developers of roblox studio.

You can use this category: #feature-requests. However, if you want to make a post there, you have to have the “Regular” trust level (Unobtainable at the moment).

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