How to cancel task.wait()

i’m trying to make a combat system but i’ve ran into the issue where i don’t know how to cancel task.wait() function if something changed

local Run_Service = game:GetService("RunService")
local Replicated_Storage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")

local Tool = script.Parent.Parent
local Sounds = Tool.Sounds:GetChildren()

local Events_Folder = Tool.Events

local Damage_Remote = Events_Folder.DamageRemote
local Parry_Remote = Events_Folder.ParryRemote

local Stun_Time = 3

local Stun_Playing = false
local Parried = false

local Combat = Replicated_Storage.Combat
local Gore = Combat.Gore

--| Main Script |--
function Parry(Player)
	local Parry_Value = Player.Character:WaitForChild("Block")
		if Parried == false then
		Parry_Value.Value = 2
		Parried = true
		Parry_Value.Value = 1
		Parry_Value.Value = 0
		Parried = false
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You can’t cancel task.wait() itself, but you can cancel a thread in which its called:

local cooldown

if cooldown then

cooldown = task.spawn(function()
	print("cooldown ended")

You can also use task.delay() instead:

cooldown = task.delay(3,function()
	print("cooldown ended")

With task.cancel(FunctionName) you can cancel an already running task, also keep in mind you should check if its running and cancel it before starting a new one, otherwise you will trigger it multiple times.
If you want to have multiple of them you can make a table and do this instead:

cooldown[1] = task.delay(3,function()
	print("cooldown ended")
--and to cancel it

Not sure because I’m not that good with parallel luau, but since this is another thread, wouldn’t it just not yield the script?

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promises are going to be your best bet with something like this.

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Yes, you would just need to put the rest of the code within the task. If its intended to continue the code when wait is cancelled, then you could just have a function holding rest of the code and call the function when wait ends, or when its cancelled.

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You can resume a task.wait with task.spawn before its meant to, no need for messy promises here

Just dont depend on the return because task.spawning a task.wait changes the return

local co = coroutine.running()
task.delay(3, task.spawn, co, "thread resumed early")