How to capture commercially appealing screenshots

Anti-aliasing photos


Presenting oneself in an appealing etiquette may potentially make you the most considerable candidate for the job. These are my three personal steps to an anti-aliasing, clean screenshot.


Notice how the image above has a clean blue background. This clearly represents the object as there are no additional external details. Not all exterior builds require this - only if they intentionally lack ambience.

Extensive shoutout to @4Data and @2Hex for introducing this to me.


There is practically no valid excuse for overlooking something like this. There are no disadvantages to it; and applies to every build regardless of genre. Very versatile.


Similarly to the step above, this is unanimously advantageous.

Drag the file title out to expand.

Author’s comments…

Low-quality screenshots are a major red flag—especially when there isn’t a game link / .rblx file provided. I highly encourage everyone to implement these methods, as they’re helpful!

I want to briefly touch on publicity. It is certainly important to present yourself well, by taking small precautions like this. In the distant future, these small steps may translate to something bigger.


You hit the nail on the head - presentation is everything! Especially in today’s nit-picky job market, small details like this show that you genuinely care about how you present yourself.

I’m not a fan of the job market, but this is the way to go about it!


Another trick that might come in handy is to change the Field of View of the camera.
Lowering that number from 70 (default) to 30, for example (and then changing perspective), makes a major difference: