How to change a players appearance in-game using 'StarterCharacter'

Hello everyone, I’m here to teach you how to change the look of a players character in-game and they will not look like the character that they created. let’s begin!

Step 1: Get a Rig (R6 & R15 will work)

(should look something like this)

Step 2: Customize the rig anyway you want.

(Does not have to look like this it is just an example)

Step 3: Rename the rig to ‘StarterCharacter’ and place it into ‘StarterPlayer’
Screenshot (108)
(remember to rename it ‘StarterCharacter’ or else it won’t work)

IMPORTANT: Do not delete ‘HumanoidRootPart’ or else the character will not move upon playing the game.

Step 4: Unanchor ‘HumanoidRootPart’ in properties.
Screenshot (110)
(this will make it so the player can move around and not float in mid air)

Final Product:

Hope this helped :smiley:

If you have any problems or issues leave them in the comments and I will do my best to help you out.

Have a good day!


This is really awesome and helpful!

I personally would probably not put it in a game of mine, but if I ever need to, I’ll remember this tutorial!

Thanks a lot! :+1:


It’s gonna be here if you need it. :smiley:


Good tutorial! Also this tutorial would be better suited in #resources:community-tutorials, since its a tutorial.

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Thank you for the advice, is there anyway I can move it there?

edit: I figured it out.

I’m glad that you created this because this is something I might be looking into soon. You could also include a section about setting forced default clothing in Game Settings (under the Avatar tab iirc).

This is a duplicate:

Please search before posting.


I see where you are coming from, but I think mine is very different since I’m giving people a step by step way to change a players appearance.

Sometimes when I insert some startercharacters, I cannot move anywhere. I don’t know why it makes me stay in only 1 place, I looked inside, it had every single requirement.

did you unanchor the HumanoidRootPart?

edit: is the rig anchored, if so unanchor it and then try again.

Yes I did, and everything was OK. I hate that I have to remove so many things to make a normal startercharacter. I actually messed the startercharacter up because I tried removing stuff that I didn’t know about.

Are there any photos you can show me? maybe that can make it easier to help you.

I figured it out, the humanoidrootpart was wrong. I needed to create a humanoidrootpart for the startercharacter because it wouldn’t work without the humanoidrootpart.

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I get it now, you must have deleted it not knowing what it did and that must have been what caused all your worries. (maybe I should tell people not to delete anything in the rig)

Edit: I have put a reminder telling people to not delete the HumanoidRootPart

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.