How to change a players message as it being sent?

I searched up but old the posts were old and hard to follow

I tried this but, nothng is printing (LocalScript)

What are you trying to accomplish? A custom chat system?

No im trying to use some apis i found and pass the players message to the api then chat out what it returns, just a fun ltitle project

I think Roblox actually patched out chatting as a player since you can ban someone with that.

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Wait im confused so this isnt possible?

Passing messages to an API may not be a good idea.

If player’s were to bypass filtering to send personally identifiable information in chat then this is pretty unethical.

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This is a small project for me only, i wouldnt be releasing it or making a game out of it

@anon_j1124 so is it possible, cause i think ive seen other people do it before

I remember a way of doing it, but I very much forgot, but this is certainly not intended via Roblox.

I assure you I will find a way. :+1:

Short and sweet video on how to do it if someone comes across this


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