How to change color discord embed?

I was wondering, how to change the color of the discord embed?
This is the unique color I know, how do I know what color to use, is there a post about this?

Are you using Discord.JS? What library?

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I am actually, using studio, using https service to send the message

I tried this: image
But didn’t worked out.

Here you go.

What I mean is how to change the color, that doesn’t shows how :confused:

Yes it does. It creates a dictionary with the given properties, JSON.Stringifies via HTTPService:JsonEncode, and then sends it to the webhook.

Yes, but, I know how to send Embed, I’m just trying to know how to KNOW what color i am putting, and what codes of color would work?
Like this: 0xffffff

Anything that can be parsed correctly with 0xRRGGBB values. 0xBleh is already read as a number in Lua, so you don’t need to do anything with it. The whitest of white you can get is 0xFFFFFF, and the blackest of black you can get is 0x000000. If you want it to be visualized, use the Google colour picker and copy the hex code from there.

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