How to change color of custom avatar according to team

In a game I am working on, we have custom avatars. These avatars are simple robots made out of parts. The game has a number of 6 separate teams, and we want to make it so that when a robot enters a team, then they will become that color. How can we achieve this?

I apologize, I am not too prone to scripting, so this may be a very simple fix. But what the effect should be is, if a player is on blue team, they turn blue.

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Check this thread out it’ll probably help.

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I have seen those videos, but they only show how to make different clothing and/or gears for separate teams. I just need a way to make them become a specific color. As we are using a custom character made from simple parts.


Use Team.PlayerAdded to detect when a player is added to the team

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