How to change icons for Roblox Studio


Hi! I think the title explains most of it but continue reading for more info.

Basically, the new Rbx Studio icons aren’t really to my liking and I was wondering how to revert back to the old icons or even better insert my own custom set of icons.

Any questions do not hesitate to ask and also any help is appreciated.


Maybe I should use files? Maybe replace the roblox files?But it will be replaced with new Roblox files each time it updates ARGH!


i think there is setting for it in studio settings, not sure about it tho

Yup! There is, thank you for letting me know. You have to create a custom folder with all the icons and set the directory for that folder in settings that way it uses those icons.


It means that the icons don’t replace each time Roblox Studio updates because the settings dont change the the folders dont get deleted YAHOO

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