How to change ParticleEmitter's color to part's color?

I have multiple neon parts with different colors that need to emit particles. I’m trying to code a script that’ll adjust the particles brightness or color or whatever, but I don’t know how neon color relates to screen color.

This makes the color display incorrectly as particles and neon use a different system for displaying screen color:

chiparticle.Color =

The particleemitter is a white image and it’s lightinfluence is 0. Because of this the color displayed on it—when correctly calculated—will be 100% accurate.

I’ve employed strategies from this post and all linked posts to no avail.

This feature is kind of essential for my game. Does anyone have the equations for color shift and brightness between the two?

Okay if you had a neon part that needed to emit particles, how would you script the particle color to match?