How to change ScrollingFrame scroll height?

Hello all Roblox Developers.

I am, and have been, wondering if there was anyway to change how much a ScrollingFrame actually scrolls. I don’t know how to perfectly word this, but here is a picture to illustrate:

I wish to make that scroll bar smaller to accommodate more GuiObjects. Is there any way to accomplish this?

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You can change the height of the scroll bar using the canvas size property

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I figured it out just now. Thank you all.

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Yeah, like just before you typed that I figured it out, thank you

Definitely appreciate the help! :smiley:

On the other hand, if you want to dynamically scale your ScrollingFrame to the contents of it, use AbsoluteSize. There are a couple of posts on the DevForum about that.

Also: it would be best if you search for these kinds of things before posting, since the property is available on the Developer Hub and tells you what it does. You could’ve avoided a topic altogether by searching or tinkering around in Studio first.

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Hey there! I’m trying to achieve this without changing the CanvasSize, because it’s important that its size remain 0 (I have AutoSize enabled for Y axis).

Right now, one scroll of the mouse gets me halfway through my scrollingFrame, which I want to decrease.

I tried to disable scrolling and detect mousewheel myself, but mouse inputs don’t fire in ScrollingFrames, so that option is out.

I’m interested in the method you spoke about. Could I know more?