How to change subject of camera?

I want to know how I can change the camera subject on a player from the head to somewhere else (humanoidrootpart for my case), how would I do this? (I’m fairly new but I know what local scripts and scripts)

So you mean like spectating another player or just changing the camera to a certain part?

Change to a different part
You know how it’s mostly the head (shown in image)

local camera = game.Workspace.CurrentCamara

This will get the camera for a local player.

You can change it to a different part, the camera is located in workspace.CurrentCamera.

By changing the workspace.CurrentCamera Property to Scriptable (you can change this property inside of an localscript) you are able to change the CFrame/Position of the camera (Example above).

If you want to change it to a certain part you can change the CFrame of the Camera by getting the current CFrame of the part that you would like and plugging it inside of the Camera CFrame property.

You are also allowed to tween the Camera to a certain CFrame.

I changed it’s property to being scriptable and I have a script, but it’s not doing anything

why would you want it on the LowerTorso? Just asking

I want it to be the centre of the body and not the head, so I want to do that through a script (I’ll prob change it from lowertorso)