How to change the color of Players name?

Is there any way to change the color of Players name? Without changing the Players team! :smiley:

i would want to change the players name color to like Red, Blue or Green! But i don’t know how to!
Thanks you!


I don’t think it’s possible.

You could however just create and code a custom tag which you can change to what ever colour you want.

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i meant like change the DisplayNames color from:
Screenshot (260)

Screenshot (259)

Without changing the players team to Red
if possible


I mean you could always just make a custom displayname for players using billboardGuis and textLabels. If you want it to be the default nametags however, you could technically hide teams by hiding the leaderboard, but this does come with the downside that the whole leaderboard is gone.
However I personally feel that just making a custom user nametag would be more optimal as then you could also customise their appearance.

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Hello this is not possible with the humanoid made name on top
but you can use other method like : BillboardGui
You can put this on head to make it less bouncy but problem is roblox resizes that really badly

quick responce : A natural way of doing this is not possible so it will be a little harder.