How to change the maximum height that an object can be so that a humanoid can still walk over it

Hi there!

I’m trying to make it so that if a humanoid tries to walk over a part that is 1.8 studs or below, they can walk over it. However, if the part is over 1.8 studs, they will just stop. Currently, the max height an object can be to still be “walkoverable” is 2.5 studs.

I have no clue where to look to change this (or if I even can) without having to add in a really complex and impractical system which I really don’t want to do. I’ve tried seeing if the max height is defined by the HumanoidRootPart height above the lower surface but it does not seem to be that. There’s also nothing in the Game Settings menu that I could see.

Any help, even saying that it’s not possible, will be appreciated!

Why dont you just add an invisible part that has the position of OriginalPart.Position +,OriginalPart.Size.Y/2,0) and set the size to, OriginalPart.Size.Y-1.8,OriginalPart.Size.Z)?

If you decrease the Humanoid’s JumpPower property they can’t jump as high.

Sorry for the confusing wording, I meant that you can walk over objects without jumping as long as these objects are 2.5 studs high or less. I want to shift this down to 1.8 studs or less, but I’m unsure on how to do this.

This would work and is my backup solution for if I can’t find a way through changing the maximum height to below 1.8, but it would be much more efficient to attempt it by changing the max height.

Alternatively I suppose I could design levels by making nothing between 1.8 and 2.5 studs. Would work but it’d be much less pain free to change the max height of just walking over (without jumping).

As the first post suggested just use an invisible, collidable part on top of all parts which are 1.8 studs or greater in order to prevent players from walking over the part.

Turns out the way to do it is to reduce the player’s hip height, it’s not flawless but it seems to work well enough.

That could work but it’ll cause awkward movement. How about make it so that touching the part lowers the value of the HipHeight property instead of it being low all the time.

Not a bad idea actually, will try that.