How to change the range where this neon effect starts

I’m testing in studio with lights to create a lighting system for my game. Usually if you look directly at a light you get an effect similar to this neon effect.

How do I change the range where this effect starts? I’m looking to create something like a number sequence for it.

Also if you have any ideas on how to create something like a flare around the object that would help.

Have you checked out the documentation?
BloomEffect | Roblox Creator Documentation
You could try getting the player’s distance from the part, then adjusting the intensity/size of the bloom effect? (Although this would affect every light source in the player’s field of view).

I’m actually trying to create something like this that is activated as long as a light is directly facing the camera

I’ve not tried implementing this, but beams might be the way to go?
Beams | Roblox Creator Documentation