How to change the rotation axis of Motor6D

how would I change the axis that a motor 6d would rotate on? I am using the “desired angle” and not the “C0” properties to change the rotation

I’m pretty sure you have to set the C0 or C1 CFrame first and use a CFrame.Angles() or something to change the rotation axis. Then you can use the DesiredAngle property.


what would I set the C0 or C1 values to?

It depends on their rotation. Generally, this is how I see orientation:

	math.rad(90), -- Controls up/down, 90 degrees
	math.rad(90), -- Controls going sideways left or right
	math.rad(90) -- Controls rolling left or right

You can mess around with the values until you find something that works. Also, I think you only need to apply this to the C0 property.

I change the C0 but now I want to rotate the head to face forwards (I the forward tilit is intentional)

Nvm I needed to use C0 and C1 to rotate it back into place