How to change the rotation of a model without using CFrame

Is this possible? my car AI system needs a turning system, and CFrame.LookAt() ruins the wheels for every car, changing the rotation of the model works and doesn’t break the wheels. but i cannot change it on a script. please help

Im pretty sure if you wanted to make a car turn you would have to use some kind of physics.
That’s what I did with my car and it works perfectly well!

If you want the tutorial tell me

I would love to, my car NPC’s must have a instant turn system without disconnecting the wheels.

Thanks to @Dede_4242 I was able to make this!

They sent an epic tutorial!!
So yeah!
Hope this helps!

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I don’t think this will work, i wanted to just change the rotation inside of the model’s worldpivot

Well I dont know then, Sorry!

what I can say is you probably want to use some kind of physics.
Thats the best way to do it

What do you mean with ‘‘physics’’? can you like CODE a model to steer or something?

Roblox comes with a lot of different physic type things.

Such as Linear Velocity, or a body mover or something,
I dont know which one to use but my guess would be to use one of those

The code that is in the tutorial should work, the only problem is that it’s meant to be driven by a Player, you can either edit the code to run under specific conditions or weld the NPC to the vehicle and make the scripts automatically do that, I’m not sure how to do either as I don’t know your code, and I’m not an expert in this eiether :sweat_smile:

Also little correction, BodyMovers are deprecated if I’m not wrong