How to change the size of a TextLabel through a script?

I’ve been trying to change the size of my TextLabel through a script, but I have no idea how to do that.

Any help?

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TextLabel.TextSize = 10 --example

Edit: This only works if TextScaled is set to false


Thank you so much!

Edit: Doesn’t work

In a LocalScript do

TextLabel.Size =, sizeXOffset, sizeYScale, sizeYOffset)

TextLabel should be replaced with either a variable referencing the TextLabel instance or just a hard-coded path directly to the TextLabel.

Another thing, everything created in StarterGui is cloned to a folder inside a player called “PlayerGui”, so any changes you want to make to said player’s UI will need to occur through those UI instances (ones located inside PlayerGui) and not the ones inside StarterGui.

If you’re only trying to change the text of a TextLabel, then the easiest thing to do would be to just put a LocalScript inside the TextLabel and do



Thank you so much!

It really works:)

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