How to change the texture of multiple models

Hello everyone!
I basically placed a lot of trees at my place, but then I realised that the color of the leaves were not that good, so I edited the Color Map of the SurfaceApparence to change its color.

But it’s too hard to replace all the Color Maps one by one…
So I would like to know if there’s a script that I can run to automatically replace all the Textures?

All the trees have the same name

local descendants = game.Workspace:GetDescendants()

for i,v in pairs(descendants) do
    if v.Name == "SurfaceAppearance" then
        v.Texture = NEW TEXTURE HERE

It would be something like this. I don’t know if it works as I didn’t test it but you get the idea.


I mean you can just remove all the textures, copy the correct texture you want, select all the trees, and click Paste Into Selected