How to change the theme of a DockWidget

So I have decided to make a plugin (might be API based). One thing I noticed is that when you create a DockWidget, the default buttons appear. How would I make the close button and background similar to the plugin Moon Animator’s DockWidget? All replies are greatly appreciated.

I think you need to clarify your title. It reads as though you want to know how to make an animation plugin.

Thank you for the reply. Do you know how I would accomplish this though?

Moon Animation Suite does not use DockWidgetPluginGuis but instead their own customised UI.

To achieve something like that, just parent the UI to StarterGui and create a close button which assigns the Visible property of your UI. For the draggable part, this may come in handy:

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If I parented it to StarterGui couldn’t player take the gui for themselves?

I tested it out but the buttons cannot be clicked.