How to change the visibility of all GUI Objects in a Frame?

Hey Developers! This is my first topic, so sorry if it isn’t clear about what I want to do.

If I have multiple GUI elements inside of a Frame, is there a way to show/hide all members without looping through each one? If a remember correctly, you cannot simply do this:

frame.Visible = false

Thank you all in advance!

You can set the ScreenGui enabled property to false

I have multiple frames in the same ScreenGui, though :slight_smile:

If all of the objects are parented to one frame you actually can just make the top level frame visible or invisible. If you want to disable the entire gui itself, you can do what Axel said and set the ScreenGui’s enabled property to false. If you want to actually set the visibility of all descendants of a frame, which is rather pointless and will be less efficient than just setting the top level frame’s Visible to false, or disabling the ScreenGui itself, you will have to iterate all of the frames descendants and set all of their Visible to false.

Ok, I will test this. For some reason, I thought that it didn’t work to set the Frame’s visibility.

Thank you! I don’t know why this never worked for me before, but it works now :stuck_out_tongue: