How to check if a player's UserId is inside of a table? [SOLVED]


I recently started learning into tables and I was creating a basic test problem and ran into an issue, I grabbed the UserId of a table and then printed text if they matched a userId in the table, and if not it would kick them.

However I ran into an issue, due to myself only recently learning tables I do not understand how to fix this issue.

So far here is my Script(Non-Local Script)

		if table.find(_G.Admins, plr.UserId) then
			print('User '.. plr.Name ..', User ID '.. plr.UserId ..' is an admin.')
			warn('User is not an admin!')
			plr:Kick('User not admin.')

My table uses the _G global function.

I have my table stored in a different file named Globals and contains all my Global variables, so far the file contains the following:

_G.Admins = {'2596403567','0','1'}

_G.Prefix = '@'

It may be something to do with how the _G works i originally thought, however inserting the script without the _G as local Admins = {'0','2596403567','1'} does not help as such I am stuck and searched through the devForum to no help.

The output on my output view is this:

User is not an admin!  -  Server - Script:10
Server Kick Message: User not admin.  -  Studio

Yet should output

User AllabyAIIaby, User ID 2596403567 is an admin.

I am really stuck on this and so require aid, thanks in advance, AllabyAIIaby.

(Yes, this is my first post.)

The userid is a number and you have strings in your table

print(table.find({"123"}, 123)) --> nil
print(table.find({"123"}, "123")) --> 1

That sounds about right for my brain, thanks.