How to check if a server is outdated?

Is there a way to check in a game script if the current server is outdated? I want to make a system where the players automatically rejoin if the server is outdated.

I don’t know if there is a specific way to check if a specific server is outdated without a bunch of annoying HTTP stuff. I really wouldn’t worry about it if you don’t really have experience working with them as much.

Although there is a nice little thing you can do that requires a substantial amount less of code to write and a lot less brainpower to fulfill. Its a thing called Soft Shutdowns. Whenever you want to update your game all you would have to do is shutdown the game’s servers and the script will automatically teleport players to a new, updated server.
You can easily find many examples of these types of scripts just by searching online. I recommend reading over some and then writing your own specific to your own needs.


You could try detecting the old version of the MainModule used in the server and whether the new version wasn’t used.

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