How to check if an admin has done something to someone?

I am working on an anti speed, and I need a way of checking if anyone has teleported the user ex: ;teleport (player) me and it will not set off the anti cheat, if you need more information let me know, I had some ideas but they wouldn’t work.

You can temporairly make the user invincible to anti-cheat cheks while the teleporting proccess is ongoing, that’d be my best guess.

That is what I thought too, but how do I detect if they are being teleported

Additionally, you’d use ;logs or logs with the prefix set to see commands used.

Is the anti cheat a local script or server script?

Can’t you just make certain users bypass the anti-cheat as a whole?
Something similar to this:

   local isAdmin ="BoolValue")
   isAdmin.Name = "isAdmin"
   isAdmin.Parent = player

   if player.Name == "YourAdminsName1" or "So on" or "ETC" then
   player:WaitForChild("isAdmin").Value = true

Then in your anti-cheat just check if isAdmin == true(please check it from the server so exploiters don’t fake being a admin).

I would recommend using Player.UserId instead of Player.Name since if you change your username, it will still work, but yes, making certain people be able to bypass the anti-cheat is the way I would do it.

in a server script, do this:

local players = game:GetService("Players")


local ignoreAntiCheat ="BoolValue")

ignoreAntiCheat.Name = "IgnoreAntiCheat"

ignoreAntiCheat.Parent = plr

ignoreAntiCheat.Value = false


now you have a way to communicate with the admin script and the anti cheat. now before you check the player if they are legit, check if this bool value is true(can be referenced via player.IgnoreAntiCheat).

in your admin script, right before you tp, you set the boolvalue to true then to the tp, then set back to false.

Server sided of course so then they can’t delete it

That is setup already, but how do I make it so people being teleported that ARE NOT admin bypass

Couldn’t the player change that value from the client?

no. that value isnt replicated from the client. so it would be unchangable on the client.

Probably while the player is being teleported make them a admin, then remove their admin status after the teleportation has been completed.