How to check if an object exists

I want to check if an object exist, without the using the the FindFirstChild(string) statement.
The reason behind it is because there are many other objects with that name in the same parent
and just searching by name could give me the wrong instance. Is there any way to accomplish this? Any help is appreciated!

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It’s actually pretty easy. You can do a GetChildren() function to check if the object exists.

how would I use this specifically? can you give an example?

What are you doing where instances have the same name… ?

Here is an example:

for i, v in pairs("The parent of the object that you want to check exists":GetChildren()) do -- Remove the Quotation Marks after you reference the parent of the child you want to check exists
    if v then -- It'll check if the child exists
         -- Do whatever you wantt

I’m cloning instances, and my script requires them to have the same name.

I’m confused, why won’t findfirstchild work?

How are you distinguishing between instances if they have the same name?

Just like how you can use object values and get the same instance without using the name. But I cant use object values in this case.

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Basically using references in my case.

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This seems to be somewhat useless but mostly because the OPs question is pretty weird.

You want to check if an instance exists but what does this really mean?

What are you really trying to accomplish?
Some context would be useful.

So, after cloning a part, I use the debris service to destroy it after 6 seconds, but there is a loop running that checks if the object still exist, I am asking how can the loop detect that a specific instance out of the bunch exists

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why not have them with different names when cloning

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The GetChildren() function basically makes an array of the children in it. And the for i, v in pairs loop will loop through the array.

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There’s a problem with that, when a specific player clones a part and add it to their name say for example
part.Name = “Grenade”…player.Name
what if the player threw multiple, then that would confuse the script because it is going to choose the wrong out of the 2 to determine which cframe is assigned to which.

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Here’s how you can check the name and instance simultaneously:

local function FindSecondChild(object) -- function
for i, v in pairs(object:GetChildren()) do
  if v.Name == 'something' and v:IsA('<<<ROOT>>>') then -- replace <<<ROOT>>> with the instance and something with the name
       return v
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Looping through it and checking if each instance is there is pointless because GetChildren doesn’t return instances that aren’t it’s children so those instances must already exist and the check is pointless.

Why not use numbers? “Grenade” … Player.Name … 1-3

literally just add numbers at the end, easy

so you’re saying, in your scenario I should just add numbers, how would I add the numbers, randomly? because there is a chance it could choose the same number. if its the amount of other parts with the same name, what if there was one part whose name is “Grenadexipped2” and the first one gets deleted right before u throw another then that grenade would be the same name since its technically the second instance with the same name and therefor, confuses the script again.

obviously not randomly
besides we don’t know your full code as of right now

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