How to check if music is copyrighted?

I want to use music from one game called Goodgame Empire, but I don’t know is the music from it copyrighted. How to check if it’s copyrighted or not? This game is very old, so probably the music isn’t copyrighted but I want to make sure.


You can upload it to an alt account just to be safe. Roblox will usually automatically take it down but they won’t ban you usually.


The best idea for sure.


yeahh that would suck but Roblox should definitely be clearer about what is copyrighted and what is not. Such as when YouTube finds something copyrighted in your video they don’t just ban you. You should definitely not be banned for something copyrighted unless you are trying to bypass the system.


Roblox haven’t invented “copyrights” and they shouldn’t explain it to creators. Roblox will simply delete the asset and send you a message, unless you are repeatedly violating copyrights.

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Who said Roblox “invented copyright” lol

Roblox should explain it as it is imperative to their business as it will not only get the user who uploads it in trouble, but Roblox as a company can get into deep water as well for hosting copyrighted content. Also, we have to mention how the userbase of Roblox is usually on the younger side and dont know a thing about copyright and it would be good to inform them about this kind of stuff.

I dont see why you made your comment so rude as it comes off immature, and uncivil. You seem to be in a bad mood, but you seem trying to make an issue out of a non-issue as no one ever said what you mentioned in your comment. Of course Roblox didnt create copyright lol

I just dont see why you needed to have that type of attitude in your comment. I wont waste anymore replying to someone who is clearly on the more immature and most likely younger side. I hope you have a nice day/night.


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