How to check if the user is a star creator?

Hello everyone! I am trying to detect if the person joining the game is a star creator! I have not found any way to detect if the user is a star creator so I came here to ask for some help!

Just see if they’re a member of the Star Creator group using GetRankInGroup.

Check if they are in this group:

This is how they do it for the CoreGui when they determine whether to grant someone an admin/intern/star badge in game:

use groupservice thingy

local GroupId = 4199740

local GroupService = game:GetService("GroupService")

	local Info = GroupService:GetGroupsAsync(Player.UserId)
	for i, Groups in pairs(Info) do
		print(Groups.Id) -- for testing
		if Groups.Id == GroupId then -- Player is in group
			print("A dude from the star program has joined on the game!11 bruh my pinky hurts i cant hold the shift key : " .. Player.Name)

Thank you all for replies. I will check all of them!