How to check parts surface?


sorry if this question happened before but i tryed searching and nothing. so why i don’t have surface tab?
Previously i had this tab and i could easy check where top or right of the part now i don’t have this. How to enabled this or something?


i figured out that i can check it using decals, but still why this this tab disappeared?

Its a part of the new update. You can see more details here: Finale of Part Surface Changes: No More Hinges

There is a plugin that lets you view the surfaces it’s pretty cool

I think you misdirected the link to my reply, lol

Sorry? I dont understand what you are saying.

Edit: Oh wait sorry XD that was where I last looked at the topic and when I copied the url it accidentally directed it to yours.

I will edit the link

Now I fixed it. Thanks a lot for reminding me.