How to choose the z order of decals?

Looking for a way to set which decal shows on top.

Surface guis won’t work since I need the image flat on the surface.

I have tried changing the names and putting the decals into the part in a specific order.


The layers of decals depends on when you add the decals. When you add the decal later, that decal will be on the top of other decals.

I already tried that and it didn’t work though.

The ZIndex of decals cannot be changed, your only option would probably be to use a surface gui and image labels

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He’s already stated that this won’t suffice:

Assuming your decals all have solid backgrounds, you could set the transparency of the one you want to display to 0 and all the others to 1.

If what you’re trying to do is layer decals (that have transparent backgrounds), there doesn’t seem to be any engine support for choosing their display order. In this instance, the best thing you could do is manually layer the decals in your choice of image editing software and then re-upload those. If you need them in different orders at different times, your only option would be to upload an image for each of them.


I know this is now closed but couldn’t you make an invisible part of the same dimensions, apply the decal you want on top, then make the part just a tiny, tiny bit bigger. You could even script it so that you can make a custom ZIndex-ish module that lets you change the order of the invisible parts.

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While all of the solutions listed here are handy work arounds to the problem, the addition of a ZIndex for decals has been asked for since 2017.
For someone like myself, with a large customization system of around 120 decals in total, an addition of zindex would make the process of changing every decal much faster.