How to Clip UIs in Roblox

I wanna know how to clip UIs and I just don’t know how to, I couldn’t find any resources.

This is what I want to make:

This was my result, I hope someone can help!

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It’s not currently possible to mask GUI objects in that way, though feature requests for it do exist

Use the ZIndex of gui elements.

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delete the background then reinsert it with ctrl z, thats how i fix my gui problems.

Not the problem here, I am trying to figure out how to Mask / Clip Image Labels.

Zindex is not the issue here, it’s masking / cliping.

I dont think you can do it now cuz i asked some paople before like how to make the player icon in the triangle Its because ClipDescendant is working but like if we get the triangle it has square background so idk if its possible

Then, you can’t do mask image labels I remember.

So, you can post a feature request.