How To Collect Feedback From Players?


I am trying to find out a good way to geed feedback from players. How do you go about getting feeback in your games from players?

1. Roblox Message System
For my games, most players simply do not bother to contact me via Roblox messages. When I do get contacted it is 95% negative, and 99% has no constructive value. I finally decided just to turn off messages because it was so demoralizing and of such little value.

2. Twitter
According to online stats, only 25% of kids 14 or younger are on twitter, so I don’t consider this an effective method for the Roblox player age range.

3. Online Survey
This would be great, except I cannot embed the survey URL in my game description because Roblox strips out the URL.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


Just go in the game and ask them


That’s not realistically possible, you would have to join every server every single day to contact just a fraction of the playerbase on a decently played game. No one could spend their time doing this, while trying to develop.


It may be a good idea to gather statistics on what players do in your game, how often they come back, how long they play, what kinds of things they buy, how they use those purchases, etc, in addition to asking them for written feedback. People often don’t know what they need or really want for the game to be more enjoyable for them.

For written feedback, you can simply let them fill out a feedback box in-game and send that to a server of your own through httpservice. You will have to put the message through the filter first though, since it can contain private information, and you should make sure to delete any messages with personal information that slip through in the body / username of the person. (Otherwise it’s against the TOS)


Not a survey, nor twitter, nor direct messaging will give you an accurate idea of your playerbase. Each has their own barrier to entry and most of your players won’t go out and seek you; they will just play your game and leave. If you want to see the kinds of people who play your game spend an hour in your game.

You do not need to “go into every server every single day,” you simply need to get a general feel of how your players interact while in your game. See first hand what frustrates players and what excites them.

You can make charts and collect statistics but these fail to help you understand why people enjoy your game. People play games to have fun and feel rewarded all you need to know if what gives them those feeling. Simply talk to a few players.


Why not create polls in your game? They shouldn’t be that hard to make and they don’t have to intrude on the player experience to be effective.


Ask users who play your competitor’s games. I highly suggest joining a discord server with kids who play your games or similar games and asking them about their favorite things. Make sure when you ask, it doesn’t feel like a survey. :octopus:


I actually found this, it’s quite interesting. You can create polls and have other Roblox users fill them out.


Pretty cool how it works, too.


I feel like 90% of kids will have no idea how to use that.


Maybe make a GUI where it sends it to Trello? You used to be able to do that with Discord, until Discord blocked all Roblox requests.


I don’t know how effective that method would be because when they see that you are the Owner they would ask for Admin, Free Stuff, Robux, Friend Request and a lot more stuff which is annoying.

Not to mention that most of them won’t be honest because they will only say the good things and not the bad things about the game because they are afraid to say the bad things or being polite, and they think you might ban them for saying “Your game sucks” etc.

Unless you join the game with another Account undercover that should work better.

@GGGGG14 but Discord is banned on Roblox so how?

Most of the time I see that there are kids that like to give their Ideas & Suggestions about a game, I see this a lot on Group Walls the problem is Scam & Spam so that’s just great, but you can deal with that smartly like Using Bots to handle Join Requests for groups (I’m not going into detail I know you can figure it out).

You can go into the game after you updated it and ask “How’s the new update” most of them will say “great” even if it’s not just to be polite but there are people who will be honest sometimes, some players will say what they want to be added to the game so you would consider if it’s a good decision, you can’t add what everyone wants that’s not good practice, add what you agree or want to add to the game don’t try to make everyone happy.

You can disguise yourself as a new player and ask other’s to teach you how to play the game or ask “Is this game fun” , etc. You would get an Honest answer 99% of the time.

You can make a Review Gui like the AppStore & Google Play with Star Ratings & Comments, and it’s saved to DataStore so others can see some of the latest Reviews or just a few of your Favorite reviews to encourage players to participate more.


Discord is not banned on Roblox, just sharing off-site links. They’ve just added / will add a feature linking discord to your game. Additionally, you can join discord servers for Roblox games and still ask players about their experience.


I honestly just use discord, players for some reason know to go to the discord and join it… (No I dont have anything telling them to go there.) They give me feedback and bugs as well. So if you post it on your twitter and tell them to go to your twitter. Boom.


Did you create a Discord server for your game, or did you just publish your discord handle? Just wondering how to best use Discord to reach players.


I created a discord server. It takes a bit more work from the user to friend somebody and talk to them then to just click and link.