How to come up with ideas for original ui

I usually look up tutorials on youtube and I get the UI done pretty good and go from there but I feel like I’m stealing. I want to make my own UI from my own ideas I also do gfx and its really easy for me to get ideas but with UI it’s really hard.


think about shapes. numbers, letters, etc,etc. whatever gives you inspiration.



Try looking at others UI concepts on google, once you’ve found something that looks good try to improve it. You’ll eventually develop your own style, think about what fits and what theme it is.

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  • I get Ideas from games in App Store/Play Store.
    You can find pretty UI’s in those games.

    I made my continue button by seeing a game called Zooba.

    It never has to be the same.Editing with your idea too is good.

  • This is good I guess I make some UI’s in Studio itself by using roundify plugin and overlapping it by a darker one.
    Like this.

Hope you make better GUI’s from now :hugs:

Coming up with ideas can be a challenge. I’d recommend using Pinterest, it’s a great website for finding the right reference images.

Or just sketch! Draw! Draw everything first.

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