How to configure the new vehicles made by Roblox?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    So, I want to configure the new vehicle made by Roblox.

  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
    The problem is that it is the first time using it and I tried to find a way to configure it.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
    I tried searching devForum.

When I say that I want to configure it, I mean adding lights feature, flip vehicle and stuff… I do not want anyone to make a script for me. Also I have found some buttons and the one is named Flip Vehicle.

Sorry this reply is really late, you probably already fixed this, but I actually found a method to implement the features you’re talking about. The vehicles already automatically have a vehicle flip, but if you want automatically flip the vehicle when turned over then go to the script that has manual flip, and find “Redress” in the code. You can use the Redress() custom function to flip the car automatically when it’s at a certain angle.

For lights, you can code a system that begins working and stops working when the seat.Occupant property changes. The headlights are pretty easy, by using a for i, v loop you can find every spotLight or pointLight with the name “headlight” and toggle on and off according to your needs.

Turn signals take some work and I still don’t know how to implement brake lights with this chassis since it doesn’t use the default vehicleSeat Throttle =/

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I haven’t fixed it because I wasn’t interested anymore. I improved on scripting very much and I am quite sure that I am able to even modify the system. Thank you for your reply and interest. I am pretty sure that everything you said is correct! Turn signals should use a local script in order to detect user input and use remote events or functions in order to turn on the lights on the server.

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For turn signals I would implement the same method you mentioned and use bool values to allow different methods of toggling them, such as keys, or guis or something, with remote events like you mentioned. I suppose the main thing with turn signals is deciding if you’ll use tween service or just cop out by changing the properties using the = operator

But honesty, you’re an inspiration to us all, because there was a point where we were too scared and lazy to use functions, and Remote Events and tables and animations but over time you start to constantly challenge your comfort zone and it’s good to see the confidence contained in a years worth of progress. A year of progress in game development feels like 5 years of gained expertise in life

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Thank you! Yes, what you mentioned would work properly! I indeed feel like I learnt things someone would learn within 5 years. I devoted my time on learning new things and learning much more of the API and the Lua and Luau language. I achieved creating much more advanced systems such as Gun systems sword combat systems and other kinds of other systems. I also learnt how to protect my scripts from exploiters. I hope other people would not just give up but concentrate. That way they will improve and achieve their goals.

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